SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

SPEAKER:  John C. Waugh

Waugh is a journalist turned historical reporter. He began writing history–books on the Civil War era–in 1989, and has since written and published ten—six full-size narratives and four shorter works. His books include The Class of 1846, Reelecting Lincoln (1997), Surviving the Confederacy (2002), On the Brink of Civil War (2003), One Man Great Enough (2007), and Lincoln and McClellan (2010).  In 2000 he received the Dallas Civil War Round Table’s Grady McWhiney Award of Merit.

TOPIC: The Real Bedford Forrest
This presentation will be a searching look at Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, arguably the premier cavalry commander on either side in the Civil War. It will tell where he came from, what he was like, what he did, how he did it, what he thought, and how he fought. With zero  training as a soldier, how he rose from a private in the Confederate army to a lieutenant general, to become one of the most feared, frightening, effective, and successful of soldiers in the war–thought so by both his Southern cohorts and his Northern enemy. He will be presented as he was, warts and all.


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