MEETING: 326th
December 14, 2016

Our Presenter: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, Author, Historian, Fox News military analyst (US Army Ret.)

ralphpeters_webRalph Peters is a bestselling author whose dramatized histories of the Civil War have won multiple prizes, along with critical praise as the most realistic and accurate Civil War novels ever written. A retired U.S. Army officer and former enlisted man, Ralph also has written widely on strategy and security for dozens of national newspapers, magazines and journals. As a soldier, researcher and journalist, he has experience in eighty countries and six continents, but his core specialty has been Russian affairs. Since 2008, he has been Fox News’ Strategic Analyst. He has been fascinated by the Civil War since his childhood during the conflict’s centennial and regards his current epic study of our Civil War in the eastern theater as the most important work he has ever done.

TOPIC: 1864: The Birth of Modern Warfare

Ralph Peters will discuss the human aspects and brutal realities of leadership and soldiering in the Civil War, as well as the birth of modern warfare during the conflict. His primary concern is to help us see those famed and not-so-famous leaders as real human beings, not statues frozen atop pedestals. Drawing on his near-lifelong study of the war and his own military background, he will offer a fresh look at the war and those who fought it that goes beyond the hand-me-down clichés that often distort our understanding. Committed to a balanced appreciation of both sides of the Civil War, he finds heroes North and South.



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